Virtual Tours Statistics Facts and Figures

Let your hotel stand out
Does your website really capture the attention of customers searching the internet for a nice place to stay? Could you get even more?
Why not show off the things that matter to them – your facilities, the food, the bedrooms, the cleanliness, the scenery to their very best.
360 Virtual Tours presents the most effective way for you to do this.

What will your guests get?
When your customers are faced with an almost unlimited selection of places to stay, it is important your hotel clearly shows off what it has to offer. 
When your guests can see – almost touch the quality of the rooms, restaurants, sports facilities, libraries, they are more likely to make that reservation.

What will your prospective diners see?
When your customers are faced with an almost unlimited selection of places to eat, it is important your restaurant stands out as the place to go. 

When your guests can see where they will sit, what they will eat and the quality of services you supply, you are much more likely to get a booking when you add 360° photography to the site.

Why not show off your apartments, houses, rooms, facilities, and scenery using 360 imaging to show off all the good things on offer.

What will your buyers get?
Your customers are faced with an almost unlimited choice of places to buy, so it is important your properties are presented as the answer to their dreams. 

When your visitors can see exactly what they will get they are much more likely to make think about buying.


So why not try 360 Virtual Tour?
360 Virtual Tour is a cost effective way of achieving this.

• We breathe new life into your web pages
• We make your clients feel they are really there
• We help you get ahead of your nearest competitors
• We use high definition photography which fits easily on your website.

If you are unsure whether Hotel Virtual Tours are the right addition to your On-Line advertising campaign, please read the following facts:

The estimated Return on Investment (ROI) for Hotel 
Virtual Tours is less than 4 weeks

While only 15% of all hotel bookings are made over the Internet, 65% of all travel bookings are researched online.

Hotel Virtual Tours increase on-line bookings by up to 85%

75% of those surveyed, visited 3-4 Hotel Web Sites before making their choice.

Unlike most other marketing tools, Hotel Virtual Tours continue to earn you revenue until you refurbish!

Keep visitors to your web site longer and stop them finding the competition!

Creates an Open House 24hrs a day – install confidence in your Hotel Web Site and leave a lasting impression long after they leave the Internet.

According to research by Gómez travel-related products and services are the #1 purchase made by consumers over the Internet.

Additionally, while only 15% of all hotel bookings are made over the Internet, 65% of all travel bookings are researched online.

The Internet has become the top choice for consumers to investigate travel destinations, whether for business or leisure. 
Virtual tours reduce the amount of wasted viewings

96.2% of travelers use the Internet as a source of information when planning a trip.

Virtual Tours Get OVER 5 Million Visits a Day.

80% of Internet shoppers say images are imperative when deciding to buy or use a company’s product or services. 
(2006 Pew Internet & American Life Study)

A compelling use of virtual technology will keep visitors on your site, and will also keep them coming back.

80% of consumers search for information online. That means at least 60% of your marketing dollars should be spent optimizing your company online.

47% said virtual tours were very important to a listing.

Statistics shows that listings with virtual tours get clicked on 40% more than listings without virtual tours.”